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Some thoughts on The Blogchainâ„¢

After talking about videogames, blockchain, decentraland, and the future of counter culture with Manuel Araoz, I kindof started to think a bit about the current problems of personal blogging both from the blogger and reader perspective.

Here are some notes to expand later on:

  1. Discoverability: finding articles or blogs to follow is very hard, centralized and governed by opaque algorithms. HackerNews is the closest thing to what an open system should be, but it's still centralized and owned by a company. Reddit is good in terms of compartmentalization (you can find useful stuff in /r/whatYouCareAbout) but is owned by a company and governed by an opaque algorithm. Google is trash.

  2. Comments: Commenting on blogposts is a mess. Disqus is the evil, and a lot of blogposts are resorting to linking to a HackerNews thread, so if hackernews decides to shut down, a lot of high quality conversation will be gone.

  3. What would be the vision? An open-source, decentralized database (blockchain?) where:

    1. Authors can register their blogs and submit their posts
    2. Readers/Authors can have an identity and post comments.
    3. Posts can be referenced by a hash.
    4. The database is open and anyone can create tools (search engines, reading applications, etc).
  4. Question: Should/Could the posts themselves be stored in the database to avoid dead data?

Manu referred me to this post which is a better analysis of a similar problem.

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