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I've been struggling with time management a lot lately.

Between consulting for Beezwax, managing Hidden People Club, making music, and overall rumiating about everything I've been letting myself drown in work and not pay attention to people around me.

I don't want that, so I decided to force myself to work only 4 hours a day (intensely) and start training my head to create thought boundaries. My goal is to have little to no work thinking outside of those 4 hours.

There are so many things I want to do with Aldi that I've been neglecting.

I've started by doing some major refactoring on Hidden People Club as a company.

I was having many issues to keep up with the rhythm we had, unable to provide the right environment for the team to do good work, burning too much money and not achieving much.

The new phase is more exciting, we're going to work on a new project using Rust, with Bevy as a base framework and ditching Unreal Engine. We'll double down on our current strengths and work on 2D stuff instead of forcing us to do 3D with a crappy experience in Unreal.

I've also been thinking about revamping, a small TODO tool I created for Aldi and I a while ago, which was fine but was having small issues. I might start from scratch now using more modern tooling. It should help me stay more focused.

Well... I think that's it for now, enough braindump. Bye, fran of the future.

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